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Sweepstakes Policy

Internet Research Bureau Pvt. Ltd. ("IRB") owns & operates this website and announce the following Sweepstakes Policy.

1.) Under the sweepstakes policy, a respondent is chosen randomly from the list of respondents who have successfully qualified the surveys within the past 30 days.

2.) IRB notifies the Winner within 15 days after checking the credentials of the user and verifying the personal details. If IRB finds the respondents to be a fraud, we will cancel his Sweepstake money and choose other respondents from the same list.

3.) IRB pays the Sweepstake Amount via PayPal so users must have a PayPal account with the same email-id he/she had provided at time of entering to a survey. If you have PayPal account with other email-ID and not with the email-ID you provided to IRB, you can add this email ID to your existing PayPal account and receive the money. IRB will send the money only to the email-ID you had provided at the time to entering the survey and not to any other email ID.

4.) IRB reserves the right to hold and cancel the Sweepstake money if we find that provided e-mail ID doesn’t exist or de-activated or a spam. In this case other respondents will be chosen from the list and he will be rewarded with the sweepstake amount.

5.) If IRB finds that same user has taken a particular survey multiple times after tweaking the system, IRB reserves the rights to cancel his Sweepstake amount and block him to participate in future surveys.

6.) If you have any questions or concern related to Sweepstakes kindly email us at